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Parity, eh?

Wow. Not since 1976 has the Canadian Dollar been at parity with the US dollar. It occurs to me that it may not stop there either... which is definitely bad for our export sector.

Canada in 1976

Monarch - Queen Elizabeth II
Governor General - Jules Léger
Prime Minister - Pierre Trudeau
Premier of Alberta - Peter Lougheed
Premier of British Columbia - W.R. Bennett
Premier of Manitoba - Edward Schreyer
Premier of New Brunswick - Richard Hatfield
Premier of Newfoundland - Frank Moores
Premier of Nova Scotia - Gerald Regan
Premier of Ontario - Bill Davis
Premier of Prince Edward Island - Alexander B. Campbell
Premier of Quebec - Robert Bourassa then René Lévesque
Premier of Saskatchewan - Allan Blakeney

[edit] Events
January 14 - The Eaton's catalogue is discontinued.
January 28 - The government of Saskatchewan takes over the provinces potash industry.
February 4 - The Supreme Court rules provinces cannot censor movies.
February 7 - Toronto Maple Leafs star Darryl Sittler scores ten points in one game.
February 7 - Joe Clark is elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada replacing Robert Stanfield.
April 1 - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is given the power to regulate Canadian television and radio.
April 15 - Dome Petroleum is given approval to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea.
May 2 - Time Magazine's Canadian edition is discontinued.
June 25 - The CN Tower opens in Toronto.
June 30 - Parliament votes to abolish the death penalty.
July 17 - The 1976 Summer Olympics open in Montreal.
October 14 - Over a million workers stage a one day strike to protest wage and price controls.
November 15 - In the Quebec election, René Lévesque's Parti Québécois wins a majority, defeating Robert Bourassa's Parti libéral du Québec.
November 25 - René Lévesque becomes premier of Quebec, replacing Robert Bourassa.
The Timbit is introduced.
News media: L'Express de Toronto created

[edit] Arts and literature
New Works
Marian Engel - Bear
Hugh Hood - Dark Glasses
Joy Fielding - The Transformation
Farley Mowat - Canada North Now: The Great Betrayal
See 1976 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
Stephen Leacock Award: Harry J. Boyle, The Luck of the Irish
Vicky Metcalf Award: Suzanne Martel
The Man Who Skied Down Everest becomes the first Canadian film to win an Academy Award
Second City Television premiers

[edit] Births
January 7Éric Gagné, baseball player
January 23Phillip Boudreault, boxer
January 25Mia Kirshner, actor
February 19Brian Price, Olympic rower
February 23Jeff O'Neill, hockey player
March 9Ben Mulroney, television personality
March 23Nolan Baumgartner, hockey player
May 10Kristen French, murder victim
May 13Jeff Powell, Olympic rower
May 13 – Bobbi Jo Steadward, field hockey defender
May 19Jason Botterill, hockey player
June 10James Moore, politician
June 13Mark Versfeld, backstroke swimmer
June 25Michelle Bowyer, field hockey foward
June 26Ed Jovanovski, hockey player
July 1Leslie Mahaffy, murder victim
July 3Wade Belak, hockey player
July 12Dan Boyle, hockey player
July 13Sheldon Souray, hockey player
August 5Jeff Friesen, hockey player
August 17Eric Boulton, hockey player
August 27Sarah Chalke, actor
September 13Jose Theodore, hockey goaltender
September 17Zac Bierk, hockey goalie
October 1Denis Gauthier, hockey player
October 7Rachel McAdams, actress
October 10Shane Doan, hockey player
November 6Catherine Clark, television host, daughter of Prime Minister Joe Clark and Maureen McTeer
November 20Laura Harris, actor
December 26Nadia Litz, actress
December 26Jake Wetzel, Olympic rower
Big Ben, race horse

[edit] Deaths
Roy Thomson, newspaper publisher
Olive Palmer, wife of John Diefenbaker
Réal Caouette, longtime leader of the créditistes, and leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada
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