Friday, October 02, 2015

The Countdown has come and gone...

August 22nd 2015 was the ten year anniversary of "Anotherstinkingblog."

An impressive milestone only when you consider that this thing was started on a whim and has persisted on half-hearted (at best) efforts of its creator.

At this point I only think I keep it going to leave some sort of Internet footprint or artifact, at least until the plug gets pulled on it.

There were thoughts at times of trying to focus this blog on some sort of endeavour, but instead it settled on being an ongoing collection of brief moments I've experienced, things I've read, seen, or even sometimes created myself (mostly photos), and more often lately, chess games won.

So here's to over a decade of pointless blogging of ephemera, and for many more years of such to come.


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