Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fun with coworkers

One of the joys of life I've learned to experience working where I do is that of the practical joke. I was never much of a PJ'er before, but was instead infected by one of my former teamates who has since moved on to a new role.

In work, the best time to get someone is when they take time off, leaving their cubicle vulnerable to shenanigans.

Today I have enjoyed getting two of my coworkers:

Jake's came about in a strange way. The other day, Jen asked him to pass a book on to a mutual friend. The book in question was, judging by the cover, literature targeted for a more feminine market. Jake complained rather loudly that Jen should have placed it in a desk drawn when she dropped it off, so people wouldn't think it was his.

Tomorrow, when Jake returns from his off-site meeting, he'll find his very own copy of Susan Grant's 'Contact' waiting for him on his desk, complete with a bookmark near the end of the book, and his name written inside the front cover. Two people have already noticed and asked if he's really reading it; I just shrug. Just to make sure more people are aware, an email went out to many people on our floor about a book being left on our communal table, with a note that it's been returned to Jake's desk. Update: Jake appreciated the humor of it. I didn't see him come in, but I heard him laugh when he got to his desk.

Ok, minor stuff to be sure; Dawn's is a bit better.

When she returns from two weeks vacation, she'll have to take down all the Post-it's we put up in her cube. I'm hoping she won't mind.

Thanks to Char for submitting two of her own mockuvational posters! This is the best one... I could have sworn this was Carrie-Anne Moss. I'm still hoping to see a few more from some of my other creative friends.


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