Monday, February 27, 2006

Voodoo Doping

I am fed up with hearing about "lucky loonies" and other voodoo nonsense being planted in the ice at competitions that Canadian athletes take part in.

for those who haven't heard, the total (that we're aware of) is now three; the first was the infamous dollar coin planted under center ice for the Salt Lake City Olympics. The second was at Turin, where a small gold maple leaf was planted near the finish line of the speed skating venue.

Then there's this case, also from the just finished Turin Olympics.

Why do we insist on, by way of association, giving credit for sports victories to this kind of crap? Am I the only Canadian who is embarrassed to read "A similar tactic worked in 2002 in Salt Lake City when Canada won men's and women's hockey gold."

When I first heard that this had happened at Salt lake City, I thought it was a funny story, until I thought about it. I wondered how Salt Lake City organizers, or now the Turin organizers, reacted to the news? I haven't heard an outcry; maybe it's because they are laughing at us.

Turning off our intelligence for a moment, let's pretend that this kind of voodoo-magic-bullshit had any sort of hand in assisting the relevant Canadian teams in winning the events in question; how would that be any more acceptable than doping?

Oh, I can't wait for Vancouver 2010 when we can plant the entire @#$* Canadian @#$* mint under every @#$* venue.

I'll be rooting for Norway.

(Ok, I'm not anti-Canadian... just the opposite. I won't really be rooting for Norway over Canadian athletes, but I will always prefer to see true sporting behaviour, and I don't believe that Canadian athletes need lucky coins, maple leafs, or whatever under the ice or snow they play on to succeed.)


Blogger Billp said...

With an organization as rule-oriented as the IOC, I can't understand why there hasn't been threats of banning Canadians from competition for this kind of nonsense. Do I think it actually affects the outcome? No. Do I think it should be clamped down on anyway? Yes. You've tampered with the playing field. You're disqualified. Goodbye.


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