Monday, June 25, 2007


Woot! I thought it was an internet acronym for "We own the other team," and it is, but now it's also a funny site that features an ad for a new thing every day.

Todays is the Nokia 770 internet Tablet (at right).

Even better than the item itself is the brief story/description that goes with each item...


Nokia Later
There we were, idling away a sunny lunch hour on a bench outside Applebee’s, feeling our lunch of deep-fried chicken wads settle comfortably into our gut and browsing the intertubes with our Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. We’d just opened an email with a very lucrative offer from a widow in Cote d’Ivoire when our reveries were interrupted by a visit from a stranger. Obese, panting, the beer-company logo on his t-shirt stretched and distorted, flesh spilling from both the top and bottom of his sweatshorts, the unexpected caller flopped onto the bench. We feared for our safety as the bench trembled under the strain.

“Whoa, cool phone!” An unidentifiable crumb arced onto our bare right arm. We noted many more caught in his mustache.

“It’s not a phone,” we replied as politely as we could manage.

“But it says Nokia. They make phones.”

“It’s an Internet tablet. Like a little computer, kind of.” Please, let that be enough. Once we get our hands on those Ivoirien riches, we’ll never have to deal with slobs like this again.

“They have computers on phones now?”

“It’s not a phone. You use it to browse the web. It’s got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a big 800×480 color screen, and it can play MP3s and other audio and video files.”

“Oh, so it’s like a Nokia iPod phone.”

“No, actually, it’s not like that at all. It’s more like a little computer. See, you can use this stylus here to write on the screen, or you can punch the keys on this virtual keyboard. It runs on a Debian Linux-based operating system, and has applications like an RSS news reader, a PDF reader, and an email client. Like a computer. Not a phone, not an iPod – a little computer. OK?”

“I guess it holds, like, thousands of songs, huh?”

“No, it only comes with a 128MB of flash memory and a 64MB RS-MMC card. So it’ll only hold maybe a couple of dozen songs. But you can get a new RS-MMC card (not included) – a 1GB one will run you about thirty-five bucks.”

“Oh. Still, not bad for a phone.”

Fuming, we said nothing. He went on.

“My girlfriend’s been saying she wants a new iPod and a new phone for her birthday. Where’d you get that one?”

Hmmm. We doubted the existence of this so-called girlfriend, but decided that was none of our business. “Uh, it was the last one. But you can buy this one if you want. Just three hundred bucks.”

To our astonishment, he pulled a wad of sweaty bills from one of his tube socks. As we walked away with our sudden windfall, we looked back to see him holding his new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet up to his ear. “Hello? Hello?”

Friday, June 22, 2007

Which "The Office" character am I?

Which The Office Character Are You?

Jim Halpert
You are extremely nice and everyone likes you. You are popular with the ladies. You go to parties and have a good time. You are good at your job but if you could leave you would. You have everything a guy could want.
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Whew... for a moment I was worried I'd end up a Dwight Shroot.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NOW we're communicating!

The Globe and Mail had a funny column by Craig Silverman on the work of one Kerry Miller, who is documenting and archiving anonymous workplace notes at I couldn't find that site, but did come accross the flikr site she runs/contributes to (?)

Funny stuff.
Mmmmm, sushi.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy June 4th