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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh god, OH GOD, ohgodohgodyesyes...

`Offensive' message at Brampton church draws complaint from parent

January 18, 2008
Pam Douglas Torstar News Service

A Brampton church has removed a sexually suggestive message from a sign in front of its building after a complaint from the public.

The sign in front of Heart Lake United Church on Sandalwood Parkway East usually has inspirational messages on it, according to resident Nicole Cedrone.

So as she drove home from the doctor's office this week, she did a double take when she saw the most recent message: "Lying in bed shouting Oh God doesn't constitute going to church."

"I have to admit, it is funny, but it's not appropriate for where it is," Cedrone said. "I just think it's offensive."

She said she is glad her 11-year-old wasn't in the car with her to ask, `Mom, what does that mean?'"

"If it was said at a party with adults, it's funny, but our children are exposed to enough of this kind of thing."

She called the church and her local councillor to complain.

A church official said they were unaware the sign would offend anyone.

Brampton Guardian

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tom Cruise is a good actor

Unfortunately, he is also truly madly deeply batshit fucking crazy. It's not his fault though; he's been brainwashed by the cult of Scientology.

Watch the video that Scientology pulled off the web

If Tom were speaking about most other religions or causes, I might cut him some slack, but then I remember that he's referring to the gleaming knowledge he's learned from Scientology.

Read the Wikipedia link on Scientology; however, at the time I read this the Wikipedia entry is a neutral exposition on Scientology, but due to the nature of Wikipedia it could always be hi-jacked and turned into a propaganda entry. You've been warned.

I've long been suspicious of the cult of Scientology, ever since their Toronto office was raided and found to contain confidential police files.

Is it really a cult? Well, it's a religion started by an American Science fiction writer in 1953, so my immediate response to that question is a resounding 'yes.' Read more about Scientology here. The more I ready this, the more respect I have for Germany.

Anyway, if you've found your way to this blog entry, you were probably doing a search on Scientology, or Tom Cruise, or truly madly deeply batshit fucking crazy people. If you're asking yourself 'why does this guy bother to rail against Scientology on his lame little blog that nobody reads?', the answer is that I believe that people should speak up about stuff like this. More people should be posting blog entries warning people to beware of cults such as Scientology.

And probably most religions while they are at it.

Except for the one I'm going to start; this evening, at approximately 7:48pm Eastern Standard time, on this the 17th day of January in the year 1, I have received a revelation from the source of all intelligence in the universe, and it has told me to oppose Scientology in all it's forms. Tonight is born a new religion... Anotherstinkingreligion*. Hahajullah! (so say all of you, maren).

Go in peacenik.


*More revelations to follow. Watch for The Book of Rob, coming soon!**

**If you are interested in lending monetary support for this fledgling religion, you are welcome to donate funds (not tax deductible - yet); you will also become eligible to hold a high position in this groundbreaking adventure! Act now, and open your wallet!

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