Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hanging out on the Haida

Saturday I stopped by to visit the Haida, in advance of her 66th birthday (August 30th)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep Being AWESOME

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Performance Art


Friday, August 14, 2009

Some anagrams of my name

Barberry ToeAbbey TerrorBarterer BoyBetrayer OrbBetrayer RobBetrayer BroBoater BerryBetray BorerTear RobberyTare RobberyRate RobberyTeary RobberA Robber TreyA Robber TyreAbbe Err TroyAbbe Err TyroAbbe Terry OrAbbe Retry OrBabe Err TroyBabe Err TyroBabe Terry OrBabe Retry OrBarber Re ToyBarber Rye ToBarber Yet OrBarber Ye TorBarber Ye OrtBarber Ye RotRabbet Err YoRabbet Rye OrAbbey Err TorAbbey Err OrtAbbey Err RotAbbot Err RyeBarb Ere TroyBarb Ere TyroBarb Eery TorBarb Eery OrtBarb Eery RotBarb Roe TreyBarb Roe TyreBarb Ore TreyBarb Ore TyreBarb Retro YeBarb Tore RyeBarb Rote RyeTabby Roe ErrTabby Ore ErrBaby Retro ReBaby Tore ErrBaby Rote ErrBearer By TorBearer By OrtBearer By RotRebate Brr YoBeater Brr YoBerate Brr YoBoater Brr YeBoater By ErrBrae Robe TryBrae Bore TryBrae Berry ToBrae Orb TreyBrae Orb TyreBrae Rob TreyBrae Rob TyreBrae Bro TreyBrae Bro TyreBrae By RetroBare Robe TryBare Bore TryBare Berry ToBare Orb TreyBare Orb TyreBare Rob TreyBare Rob TyreBare Bro TreyBare Bro TyreBare By RetroBear Robe TryBear Bore TryBear Berry ToBear Orb TreyBear Orb TyreBear Rob TreyBear Rob TyreBear Bro TreyBear Bro TyreBear By RetroBarer Be TroyBarer Be TyroBarer Byte OrBarer Bye TorBarer Bye OrtBarer Bye RotBarer Bey TorBarer Bey OrtBarer Bey RotBarer Orb YetBarer Rob YetBarer Bro YetBarer By ToreBarer By RoteBarre Be TroyBarre Be TyroBarre Byte OrBarre Bye TorBarre Bye OrtBarre Bye RotBarre Bey TorBarre Bey OrtBarre Bey RotBarre Orb YetBarre Rob YetBarre Bro YetBarre By ToreBarre By RoteBarter Bye OrBarter Bey OrBarter Orb YeBarter Rob YeBarter Bro YeBarter Boy ReBarter By RoeBarter By OreBetray Orb ReBetray Rob ReBetray Bro ReBate Berry OrBate Brr YoreBate By ErrorBeta Berry OrBeta Brr YoreBeta By ErrorBeat Berry OrBeat Brr YoreBeat By ErrorAbet Berry OrAbet Brr YoreAbet By ErrorBoar Be TerryBoar Be RetryBoar Beer TryBoar Byte ErrArbor Be TreyArbor Be TyreArbor Bee TryArbor Bet RyeArbor Byte ReArbor By TreeTabor Bye ErrTabor Bey ErrTabor Brr EyeAbort Bye ErrAbort Bey ErrAbort Brr EyeBoat Berry ReBoat Brr EeryBar Beer TroyBar Beer TyroBar Beery TorBar Beery OrtBar Beery RotBar Robe TreyBar Robe TyreBar Bore TreyBar Bore TyreBar Borer YetBar Berry ToeBar Bye RetroBar Bey RetroBra Beer TroyBra Beer TyroBra Beery TorBra Beery OrtBra Beery RotBra Robe TreyBra Robe TyreBra Bore TreyBra Bore TyreBra Borer YetBra Berry ToeBra Bye RetroBra Bey RetroBrat Beery OrBrat Robe RyeBrat Bore RyeBrat Borer YeBrat Obey ErrBrat Orb EeryBrat Rob EeryBrat Bro EeryBray Be RetroBray Beer TorBray Beer OrtBray Beer RotBray Beret OrBray Orb TreeBray Rob TreeBray Bro TreeTab Borer RyeTab Berry RoeTab Berry OreTab Bye ErrorTab Bey ErrorBat Borer RyeBat Berry RoeBat Berry OreBat Bye ErrorBat Bey ErrorBay Be TerrorBay Bet ErrorRoarer Bet ByAre Bob TerryAre Bob RetryEra Bob TerryEra Bob RetryEar Bob TerryEar Bob RetryRare Ebb TroyRare Ebb TyroRare Bob TreyRare Bob TyreRare Byte OrbRare Byte RobRare Byte BroRear Ebb TroyRear Ebb TyroRear Bob TreyRear Bob TyreRear Byte OrbRear Byte RobRear Byte BroRarer Ebb ToyRarer Bob YetRarer Bet BoyRater Bob RyeRater Robe ByRater Bore ByRater Bye OrbRater Bye RobRater Bye BroRater Bey OrbRater Bey RobRater Bey BroArtery Ebb OrArtery Bob ReArtery Be OrbArtery Be RobArtery Be BroTear Borer ByTare Borer ByRate Borer ByTeary Bob ErrTea Berry OrbTea Berry RobTea Berry BroAte Berry OrbAte Berry RobAte Berry BroEta Berry OrbEta Berry RobEta Berry BroEat Berry OrbEat Berry RobEat Berry BroOar Ebb TerryOar Ebb RetryOar Berry BetRoar Ebb TreyRoar Ebb TyreRoar Beret ByRotary Ebb ReTaro Be BerryTarry Ebb RoeTarry Ebb OreTarry Bob EreTarry Be RobeTarry Be BoreTarry Bee OrbTarry Bee RobTarry Bee BroArt Robber YeArt Beery OrbArt Beery RobArt Beery BroArt Borer ByeArt Borer BeyTar Robber YeTar Beery OrbTar Beery RobTar Beery BroTar Borer ByeTar Borer BeyRat Robber YeRat Beery OrbRat Beery RobRat Beery BroRat Borer ByeRat Borer BeyTray Be BorerTray Beer OrbTray Beer RobTray Beer BroArty Be BorerArty Beer OrbArty Beer RobArty Beer BroRay Ebb RetroRay Beret OrbRay Beret RobRay Beret BroRay Borer BetAt Robber RyeAt Robbery ReAt Robe BerryAt Bore BerryAy Ebb TerrorYa Ebb TerrorA Ebb Err TroyA Ebb Err TyroA Ebb Terry OrA Ebb Retry OrA Bob Re TerryA Bob Re RetryA Bob Err TreyA Bob Err TyreA Be Borer TryA Be Berry TorA Be Berry OrtA Be Berry RotA Be Orb TerryA Be Orb RetryA Be Rob TerryA Be Rob RetryA Be Bro TerryA Be Bro RetryA Be By TerrorA Bee Brr TroyA Bee Brr TyroA Beer Orb TryA Beer Rob TryA Beer Bro TryA Beer Brr ToyA Beret Brr YoA Beery Brr ToA Robe Brr YetA Bore Brr YetA Berry Bet OrA Bet Brr YoreA Bet By ErrorA Byte Orb ErrA Byte Rob ErrA Byte Bro ErrA Byte Brr RoeA Byte Brr OreA Bye Brr ToreA Bye Brr RoteA Bey Brr ToreA Bey Brr RoteA Boy Brr TreeAbbe Re Or TryBabe Re Or TryBarb Re Rye ToBarb Re Yet OrBarb Re Ye TorBarb Re Ye OrtBarb Re Ye RotBarb Err Ye ToBaby Re Err ToBrae Be Or TryBrae Brr Ye ToBrae By Re TorBrae By Re OrtBrae By Re RotBrae By Err ToBare Be Or TryBare Brr Ye ToBare By Re TorBare By Re OrtBare By Re RotBare By Err ToBear Be Or TryBear Brr Ye ToBear By Re TorBear By Re OrtBear By Re RotBear By Err ToBarer By Re ToBarre By Re ToBate Brr Re YoBate Brr Ye OrBate By Err OrBeta Brr Re YoBeta Brr Ye OrBeta By Err OrBeat Brr Re YoBeat Brr Ye OrBeat By Err OrAbet Brr Re YoAbet Brr Ye OrAbet By Err OrBoa Be Err TryBoa Brr Re YetBoar Be Re TryBoat Brr Re YeBoat By Re ErrBar Be Roe TryBar Be Ore TryBar Be Re TroyBar Be Re TyroBar Be Err ToyBar Be Trey OrBar Be Tyre OrBar Be Rye TorBar Be Rye OrtBar Be Rye RotBar Bee Or TryBar Bet Err YoBar Bet Rye OrBar Byte Re OrBar Bye Re TorBar Bye Re OrtBar Bye Re RotBar Bye Err ToBar Bey Re TorBar Bey Re OrtBar Bey Re RotBar Bey Err ToBar Orb Re YetBar Rob Re YetBar Bro Re YetBar Brr Tee YoBar Brr Eye ToBar Brr Toe YeBar By Ere TorBar By Ere OrtBar By Ere RotBar By Tree OrBar By Tore ReBar By Rote ReBar By Toe ErrBra Be Roe TryBra Be Ore TryBra Be Re TroyBra Be Re TyroBra Be Err ToyBra Be Trey OrBra Be Tyre OrBra Be Rye TorBra Be Rye OrtBra Be Rye RotBra Bee Or TryBra Bet Err YoBra Bet Rye OrBra Byte Re OrBra Bye Re TorBra Bye Re OrtBra Bye Re RotBra Bye Err ToBra Bey Re TorBra Bey Re OrtBra Bey Re RotBra Bey Err ToBra Orb Re YetBra Rob Re YetBra Bro Re YetBra Brr Tee YoBra Brr Eye ToBra Brr Toe YeBra By Ere TorBra By Ere OrtBra By Ere RotBra By Tree OrBra By Tore ReBra By Rote ReBra By Toe ErrBrat Be Err YoBrat Be Rye OrBrat Bye Re OrBrat Bey Re OrBrat Orb Re YeBrat Rob Re YeBrat Bro Re YeBrat By Ere OrBrat By Roe ReBrat By Ore ReBray Be Re TorBray Be Re OrtBray Be Re RotBray Be Err ToBray Bet Re OrTab Bye Err OrTab Bey Err OrTab Orb Re RyeTab Orb Err YeTab Rob Re RyeTab Rob Err YeTab Bro Re RyeTab Bro Err YeTab Boy Re ErrTab Brr Ere YoTab Brr Eye OrTab Brr Roe YeTab Brr Ore YeTab By Roe ErrTab By Ore ErrBat Bye Err OrBat Bey Err OrBat Orb Re RyeBat Orb Err YeBat Rob Re RyeBat Rob Err YeBat Bro Re RyeBat Bro Err YeBat Boy Re ErrBat Brr Ere YoBat Brr Eye OrBat Brr Roe YeBat Brr Ore YeBat By Roe ErrBat By Ore ErrBay Be Err TorBay Be Err OrtBay Be Err RotBay Bet Err OrBay Brr Ere ToBay Brr Tee OrBay Brr Toe ReAre Ebb Or TryAre Bob Re TryAre Be Orb TryAre Be Rob TryAre Be Bro TryAre Be Brr ToyAre Bet Brr YoAre Bye Brr ToAre Bey Brr ToAre Brr By ToeEra Ebb Or TryEra Bob Re TryEra Be Orb TryEra Be Rob TryEra Be Bro TryEra Be Brr ToyEra Bet Brr YoEra Bye Brr ToEra Bey Brr ToEra Brr By ToeEar Ebb Or TryEar Bob Re TryEar Be Orb TryEar Be Rob TryEar Be Bro TryEar Be Brr ToyEar Bet Brr YoEar Bye Brr ToEar Bey Brr ToEar Brr By ToeRare Be By TorRare Be By OrtRare Be By RotRare Bet By OrRear Be By TorRear Be By OrtRear Be By RotRear Bet By OrRarer Be By ToRater Be By OrTear Be Brr YoTear Orb By ReTear Rob By ReTear Bro By ReTare Be Brr YoTare Orb By ReTare Rob By ReTare Bro By ReRate Be Brr YoRate Orb By ReRate Rob By ReRate Bro By ReAery Be Brr ToYear Be Brr ToTea Bye Brr OrTea Bey Brr OrTea Orb Brr YeTea Orb By ErrTea Rob Brr YeTea Rob By ErrTea Bro Brr YeTea Bro By ErrTea Boy Brr ReTea Brr By RoeTea Brr By OreAte Bye Brr OrAte Bey Brr OrAte Orb Brr YeAte Orb By ErrAte Rob Brr YeAte Rob By ErrAte Bro Brr YeAte Bro By ErrAte Boy Brr ReAte Brr By RoeAte Brr By OreEta Bye Brr OrEta Bey Brr OrEta Orb Brr YeEta Orb By ErrEta Rob Brr YeEta Rob By ErrEta Bro Brr YeEta Bro By ErrEta Boy Brr ReEta Brr By RoeEta Brr By OreEat Bye Brr OrEat Bey Brr OrEat Orb Brr YeEat Orb By ErrEat Rob Brr YeEat Rob By ErrEat Bro Brr YeEat Bro By ErrEat Boy Brr ReEat Brr By RoeEat Brr By OreAye Be Brr TorAye Be Brr OrtAye Be Brr RotAye Bet Brr OrYea Be Brr TorYea Be Brr OrtYea Be Brr RotYea Bet Brr OrOar Ebb Re TryOar Be Brr YetOar Bet Brr YeOar Bet By ErrOar Brr By TeeRoar Bet By ReTaro Be Brr YeTaro Be By ErrOat Be Brr RyeOat Bye Brr ReOat Bey Brr ReOat Brr By EreArt Ebb Err YoArt Ebb Rye OrArt Bob Re RyeArt Bob Err YeArt Be Orb RyeArt Be Rob RyeArt Be Bro RyeArt Be Boy ErrArt Bee Brr YoArt Beer By OrArt Robe By ReArt Bore By ReArt Bye Orb ReArt Bye Rob ReArt Bye Bro ReArt Bey Orb ReArt Bey Rob ReArt Bey Bro ReArt Orb By EreArt Rob By EreArt Bro By EreTar Ebb Err YoTar Ebb Rye OrTar Bob Re RyeTar Bob Err YeTar Be Orb RyeTar Be Rob RyeTar Be Bro RyeTar Be Boy ErrTar Bee Brr YoTar Beer By OrTar Robe By ReTar Bore By ReTar Bye Orb ReTar Bye Rob ReTar Bye Bro ReTar Bey Orb ReTar Bey Rob ReTar Bey Bro ReTar Orb By EreTar Rob By EreTar Bro By EreRat Ebb Err YoRat Ebb Rye OrRat Bob Re RyeRat Bob Err YeRat Be Orb RyeRat Be Rob RyeRat Be Bro RyeRat Be Boy ErrRat Bee Brr YoRat Beer By OrRat Robe By ReRat Bore By ReRat Bye Orb ReRat Bye Rob ReRat Bye Bro ReRat Bey Orb ReRat Bey Rob ReRat Bey Bro ReRat Orb By EreRat Rob By EreRat Bro By EreTray Ebb Re OrTray Be Orb ReTray Be Rob ReTray Be Bro ReArty Ebb Re OrArty Be Orb ReArty Be Rob ReArty Be Bro ReRay Ebb Re TorRay Ebb Re OrtRay Ebb Re RotRay Ebb Err ToRay Be Brr ToeRay Bee Brr ToRay Bet Orb ReRay Bet Rob ReRay Bet Bro ReAt Bob Err RyeAt Be Berry OrAt Be Brr YoreAt Be By ErrorAt Beer Brr YoAt Robe Brr YeAt Robe By ErrAt Bore Brr YeAt Bore By ErrAt Borer By ReAt Obey Brr ReAt Bye Orb ErrAt Bye Rob ErrAt Bye Bro ErrAt Bye Brr RoeAt Bye Brr OreAt Bey Orb ErrAt Bey Rob ErrAt Bey Bro ErrAt Bey Brr RoeAt Bey Brr OreAt Orb Brr EyeAt Rob Brr EyeAt Bro Brr EyeAt Boy Brr EreAy Ebb Err TorAy Ebb Err OrtAy Ebb Err RotAy Be Brr ToreAy Be Brr RoteAy Bee Brr TorAy Bee Brr OrtAy Bee Brr RotAy Beer Brr ToAy Beet Brr OrAy Bet Orb ErrAy Bet Rob ErrAy Bet Bro ErrAy Bet Brr RoeAy Bet Brr OreAy Orb Brr TeeAy Rob Brr TeeAy Bro Brr TeeYa Ebb Err TorYa Ebb Err OrtYa Ebb Err RotYa Be Brr ToreYa Be Brr RoteYa Bee Brr TorYa Bee Brr OrtYa Bee Brr RotYa Beer Brr ToYa Beet Brr OrYa Bet Orb ErrYa Bet Rob ErrYa Bet Bro ErrYa Bet Brr RoeYa Bet Brr OreYa Orb Brr TeeYa Rob Brr TeeYa Bro Brr TeeA Ebb Re Or TryA Be Orb Re TryA Be Rob Re TryA Be Bro Re TryA Be Brr Re ToyA Be Brr Rye ToA Be Brr Yet OrA Be Brr Ye TorA Be Brr Ye OrtA Be Brr Ye RotA Be By Err TorA Be By Err OrtA Be By Err RotA Bet Brr Re YoA Bet Brr Ye OrA Bet By Err OrA Bye Brr Re ToA Bey Brr Re ToA Brr By Ere ToA Brr By Tee OrA Brr By Toe ReArt Be By Re OrTar Be By Re OrRat Be By Re OrAt Be Brr Re YoAt Be Brr Ye OrAt Be By Err OrAy Be Brr Re ToYa Be Brr Re To